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Ingredients and raw materials for the Nordic industry. READ MORE


Alsiano is a leading supplier of ingredients, raw materials and additives for a range of industries in the Nordic countries. For more than 60 years we have cooperated with leading manufacturers of ingredients, chemicals and additives.

We have long experience and a strong tradition for delivering competitive solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, adding important value to their business.

Alsiano supplies to a wide range of producing industries including the food industry, health & nutrition, plastics & rubber, the pharmaceutical industry, household and I&I, the personal care industry and agro as well as a number of other industries.



Packaging for the Danish and Swedish industry. READ MORE


Grathwol is an important distributor and wholesaler of packaging to a range of industries in Denmark and Sweden. We have worked with an increasing number of leading, international producers of glass, plastic, tinplate and aluminum packaging throughout more than 60 years.

We offer a state of the art assortment of bottles, jars, buckets, jerry cans, containers, tubes, closures and more and make a valued difference to our customers with our experience, support, advice, and our innovative mindset.

Grathwol supplies to a broad range of business segments, in particular to the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the personal care sector, the home care and I&I industry, hospitals and laboratories and more.



Spices and blends for food service and the food industry. READ MORE


Kryta is a permanent supplier of spices and ready-mixed mixtures for retail butchers, food service and industry in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. With more than 60 years of experience, high quality spices is key to Kryta.

Our assortment includes everything from pure spices, spice mixtures and sliced herbs to specially developed functional mixtures for e.g. convenience products. Based on approx. 700 different spices and ingredients Kryta develops Crisp customer-specific blends in close collaboration with our customers.



Bakery blends, ingredients and spices for the baking industry. READ MORE


DABA supplies bakery mixes, raw materials and spices to the bakery industry. Throughout the 1990s, the range was expanded with various powder mixtures for the bakery and fishing industry, which today make up a large part of the core business.

More than 60 years of experience in the industry ensures that we can supply quality and market leading products. The customer is always at the center of DABA, and we do everything we can to meet our customers’ demands and needs. We produce all goods at the DABA factory in Roskilde.

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