The PROVINORD Group comprises companies supplying food ingredients and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Efficient supply

The PROVINORD Group is engaged in production, sales and distribution, along with quality assurence. The portfolio ranges from commodities to highly customised solutions with emphasis on quality.

We believe in being where our customers are. Our customers are served by six offices and sites in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. This includes 5,000+ sqm warehousing capacity.

All companies in the Group strive to create value by offering the best service together with supply chain efficiency.

Highly skilled staff

All members of the staff of the Group are highly skilled, having a technical and/or a commercial background.

The Group is involved in technical optimization and business development on behalf of both customers and suppliers.

Based on an innovative approach the members of PROVINORD Group’s staff have helped improve the technical processes of leading industrial companies.


The Group is leading supplier of ingredients, raw materials and additives, as well as packaging solutions, for the producing industries, e.g. within the food, pharma and healthcare sector.

Our customer base is extensive. All principal producing companies of the Nordic countries are part of our active customer-base.

We have a close partnership with our suppliers and a close and ongoing dialogue with customers, adding value for both parts.

Future-proof since 1942

With an eye to the future, we use our accumulated experience together with an innovative approach to provide future-proof solutions.

Nevertheless, the companies in the PROVINORD Group have a lengthy history. GRATHWOL was established in 1942, KRYTA in 1955, DABA in 1956 and ALSIANO in 1957. PROVINORD A/S was founded in 1982 as a holding company for all of the companies in the Group.


Around the Group

Local presence in Denmark, Sweden & Finland
Total offices and sites in the Nordic countries
Dedicated employees serving our customers
PROVINORD A/S established as a holding company
Square metre own warehousing capacity
Delivered tonnes per year
Hours of accumulated experience
Units delivered per year

Code of Conduct in the Group

It is our ambition to constantly develop the companies in the group – without compromising the principle of being a responsible company. Our Code of Conduct describes how to act to run the business in an ethical, social and environmental way.

General principles

The PROVINORD Group’s busenisses is based on close and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. We strive to be considered a credible, long-term and reliable partner. Therefore, it is important for us to have high standards of integrity and ethics.

All companies in the Group complies with the laws and regulations in force and chooses to partner with suppliers who share our principles. Our principles are based on the guidelines of the UN Global Compact.

Environmental responsibility

The PROVINORD Group works actively to continuously reduce the direct and indirect environmental impact.

All important decisions must take environmental considerations into account with the aim of creating long-term value for The PROVINORD Group’s customers, employees, shareholders and society in general.

Customers and suppliers

We strive to offer products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We base the relationship with our business partners on sound business and market practices, high ethical standards and fair and clear agreements.

We have an open dialogue with all partners. We respond to inquiries from outsiders and communicate with stakeholders in a concrete and effective manner. Business related questions can be directed to The PROVINORD Group at

Application of the Code of Conduct

We require all employees to comply with the Code of Conduct. The CEO’s within The PROVINORD Group is responsible for implementing the Code of Conduct, informing the employees of their rights and obligations and ensuring that employees comply with the Code of Conduct.

The PROVINORD Group requires suppliers to adhere to this Code of Conduct or to document a possible Code of Conduct of their own having similar intentions.

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